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The course develops the skills theoretical / practical information necessary for a full understanding of the system-musical equipment and commercial software.
The lessons take the student to learn the main concepts on musical arrangement by computer to create their own compositions or arrangements of existing songs.
The course includes the training of professional and renowned music software such as Ableton Live and Logic Pro
It also describes all the virtual instruments (VST) and Plug-in required for audio recording on your computer and for sound processing. Notions of voice and mixing complete the training course not forgetting guided listening to electronic music, historical and contemporary.
The purpose of this course is therefore to train at a higher technological level of the musician and take it to greater creative expression mediated by a more in-depth technical knowledge and by using state-of-art software.
The course is also open to DJs who want to evolve to the composition of sound tracks and use Live on your computer.

Ableton Live is the revolutionary new software that allows you to compose music to your computer and play it in a liveset. Its possibilities are virtually endless and innovations compared to other sequencers are acclaimed by top producers and performers of electronic music and in the world.
The course is aimed at musicians, DJs, producers, or just beginners who want to learn to Ableton Live.

The course is divided into two levels:

The course ABLETON LIVE BASICis divided into 9 lessons of 2 hours each, both theoretical and practical on the kind of music that the user prefers, and who wants to produce.
Ableton Live BASIC is used in the process of creative production, in the second phase is studied ADVANCED Ableton Live sound synthesis, the various external plugins in use with the program and all the tricks you need to create a music track impact sound professional.

Argomenti generali trattati nel corso BASIC e ADVANCED_
* Note introduttive sull uso del computer (brevi cenni sui sistemi operativi PC/Mac)
* Cosa ci vuole per fare musica con un computer (computer, schede audio, master keyboard, interfacce midi, ecc..)
* La catena analogica: dal microfono al mixer
* Note introduttive sul protocollo Midi e conoscenza ed uso dei software di hd recording: Ableton live e Logic Pro
* Nozioni teoriche di Hard-Disk recording
* Come si registra l'audio digitale
* Sistemi hardware, sistemi software
* Editing di forma d'onda attraverso software di wave editor
* Editing distruttivo e non distruttivo
* Uso esperto di software di Hard disk recording
* Cosa sono i plug-in e come si utilizzano
* Analisi strutturale di un brano musicale MIDI
* Programmazione step by step e real time
* I Midi Files e il General Midi
* Generatori sonori e virtual instruments (VST)
* Creazione e arrangiamento di un brano musicale MIDI
* Col computer l'intero ciclo produttivo: dalla creazione alla masterizzazione
* Come prodursi un cd audio in casa: la masterizzazione
* Il mercato discografico

As regards the types of courses:
The courses are INDIVIDUAL or small groups of up to 2 people on mac platform at the site of Immagika area Casal Palocco ( 15 kilometers from Rome Eur), where there is available space and equipment for the students.
The total cost of the course is 450 per person.
The student will be able to choose the day of classes from Monday to Friday between 10 and 17. The course duration will depend on the choices of the student and the agreements.
? In addition, you can also make individual lessons for various depth, at a cost of 30 / h, and 35/ha home at home (or office) of the student.
You can also do a full immersion of a weekend if you need a short duration, with different costs from those proposed above (we recommend that you send a mail for more informations).

Course Length: 9 lessons of 2 hours each
Cost: 450

For more information, please contact the following number: 3294192422
or send mail

Download the BASIC program in PDF format.